Fire doors Test – Post Grenfell related

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has ordered tests

on a selection of fire doors after a sample taken from the lower floors of Grenfell Tower was found to offer only 15 minutes’ fire resistance instead of the 30 required by Building Regulations. 

fire door manufacturers, has reacted by saying it had been campaigning about poor fire door safety for six years and that Building Regulations and supporting guidance need an urgent overhaul.

The fire door, manufactured by a company called Manse Masterdor, was apparently installed in 2011 or 2012, according to reports, but it failed fire tests commissioned by the Metropolitan Police.

Manse Masterdor was later acquired by another manufacturer, Synseal, which still uses Masterdor as a trading name, but says that the products in question are no longer being sold.

The Met has said that forensic examinations and testing phase is ongoing, but it had shared its early finding with the MCHLG due to concerns that the test might have “wider implications for public safety”.

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