Farmers, estate owners, directors and trustees face numerous challenges if they’re to ensure that good safety management practises are implemented. Our experienced risk managers will work closely with your team to create a system that’s specific to your site, ensuring that your farm or estate provides a safe working environment.

Farm Safety
Did you know that the agricultural sector has the highest accident and fatality rate in Britain?

At 4Sight we understand the importance of creating a farm safety system that’s specifically designed around your business, minimising health & safety and accident risks. By working closely with your management team and staff we ensure that everyone understands the reasons behind the changes being made to your current management systems and ultimately play their part in ensuring that your farm operates safely. Our support services are tailored to your needs and include:

  • CDM support
  • COSHH assessments
  • Environmental support
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Health & safety support
  • Method statement reviews
  • Risk assessment reviews
  • Site audits and inspections
  • Staff training.

We approach we recognise and respect the depth of experience that exists within your Estate team. We are committed to helping you harness this knowledge in a sensitive and positive way, so that everyone is on board with helping to establish and integrate your management system into day-to-day activities. We ensure that all your workers do their part in ensuring that your estate operates safely and helping to ensure that anyone working in or visiting your estate is able to do so without risking injury.

4Sight can help with:

  • Developing skills and training
  • Getting the most from your team
  • Identifying and managing risk
  • Management system reviews
  • On-going support.

Our risk managers have many years’ auditing experience and will work with you to review your current management system and arrangements and bring them into line with industry best practise, ensuring legislative compliance.

Identifying and Managing Risk
We will complete a full review of your existing Safe Systems of Work systems, which normally include:

  • Accident reports
  • Method statements
  • Risk assessments
  • Staff training records with Safe Systems of Work
  • Standard operating procedures.

Using the results of the review we will create a simple and precise action plan that you can work towards in order to ensure legislative compliance and staff safety at work. The plan will help you achieve an acceptable level of compliance and demonstrate that you are prioritising risks.

Developing Skills & Training
We are committed to getting to know your business and your staff and will work closely with your team to ensure that any documents introduced are understood, embraced and followed to ensure safety on your estate. We will work at your pace to ensure that we address your needs and those of your staff, building slowly to change the culture from the ground up, while ensuring that your estate continues to operate and run efficiently.

By involving your staff in the development of the management system and its documents and manuals, we give them a sense of ownership, encouraging compliance and helping ensure that good safety practises become part of day-to-day operations; built-in, not added on.

To establish a risk-based training matrix, we will complete a full training needs analysis before recommending a cost effective way of sourcing and delivering suitable training.

To minimise disruption and ensure your employees feel comfortable and relaxed as they learn, we’d aim to complete the majority of training on your estate.

Getting The Most From Your Team
We will work closely with your team, providing advice on contracts of employment and the wider management of employee relations on the estate. We recognise that some estate employees will have worked with you since leaving school and always employ a highly sensitive approach in all our dealings with your staff.

Protecting Your Assets
We will work with your team to introduce a practical, accessible and relevant management system that will be used each and every day, rather than gathering dust on a shelf.

We will provide on-going coaching and support to help your managers develop their skills, so that they have the confidence and skills to implement the change management process successfully. The revised Safe Systems of Work will help to ensure compliance and ultimately protect your assets and investment.

Ongoing Support
All of our experienced and professionally qualified risk managers are members of IOSH, which means you can have confidence that we are competent to provide dedicated risk management services to your estate. These include:

  • 24-hour support
  • Dedicated risk manager to ensure consistency
  • E-learning facilities
  • Online cloud-based management system.