4Sight RM provides an extensive range of specialist survey, audit and risk control services, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the insurance sector. We respond promptly to underwriters, understanding that they’re usually looking to prepare a quotation as quickly as possible for their clients.

Our reputation for providing fast, cost effective, professional and friendly service means we work with many of the UK’s largest underwriters and brokers. Our highly qualified surveyors, the majority of whom are multi-disciplined, are able to carry out a range of surveys, including:

We provide in-depth liability surveys highlighting all areas of non-compliance with relevant regulations. We prepare a detailed and comprehensive report detailing general and specific requirements and recommendations, prioritised to improve your client’s risk.

Should you or your client suffer a loss – fire, flood, theft, liability claim etc – we can undertake an immediate post-loss survey detailing the potential physical damage and advising on suitable risk control measures to restrict further loss, reduce business interruption exposures and prevent a recurrence / minimise or control potential future losses.


Broker Presentation surveys
In order to make a more professional impression and ease underwriters’ concerns at the proposal stage by providing a better understanding of the risk, brokers are increasingly choosing to carry out their own surveys of risks with the support of 4Sight RM.

Our reports give insurers the confidence that they’re receiving the most comprehensive and accurate evaluations of risk and exposure.

Full Risk Surveys / Audits
We can provide you with a full risk management survey or audit, covering health & safety, security, fire safety, business interruption & continuity planning, employee and liability issues etc.

Security Surveys / Audits
The detailed and comprehensive reports we draw up for you will cover you entire premises and include fencing, yards, lighting, transport, buildings, stock holding, cash handling, intruder alarms, and assessment of CCTV systems.

Specialist theft and shrinkage audits are available for the retail and distribution trades.