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Safety, Health & Environmental Advice and Interim Placement

At 4Sight we understand how difficult it can be for businesses to keep up with the latest legislation and pending legislative changes. Our expert advice can help you stay on top of things, ensuring that meet your legal requirements and don’t end up risking steep penalties for non-compliance.

Risk Assessment/Safe Systems of Work
Simply put, Safe Systems of Work (SSoW), are the detailed instructions you need to give your employees to enable them to work safely. By ensuring that you have appropriate and sufficient risk assessments in place, regularly reviewed and always in date, we help you build your SSoW and keep your workforce safe.

The imposition of an official Improvement or Prohibition Notice has the potential to damage morale, working relationships and reputation. By undertaking pre-emptive, proactive inspections and audits on your behalf, we can equip you to pass HSE inspections and actively engage your workforce in spotting non-conformance.

Policy, Procedures & Standards
We can help ensure that policies, procedures and standards properly reflect your organisation’s character, approach and direction. Our expert advice will help you create and communicate the organisation’s official ways of working and provide written standards against which performance and methodology can be measured and policed.

Gap Analysis
We can work with your organisation to analyse the gap between where you want to be and where you are now and provide the expert help and consultancy services you need to create the plan of action, timescale, and tight governance that will get you there.

Project Specific
Do you have a specific EHS project that needs implementing? As project managers, Pivotal not only ensures that the project is successful, we also liaise directly with your stakeholders to clearly communicate any resulting changes to working practices it demands.

Health Check
By undertaking a health check on your systems, we can highlight gaps that might leave you open to prosecution and also provide you with a corrective or preventative action plan designed to eliminate or mitigate risk.

Interim Placement
Finding exactly the right person for a key role can be a long and drawn-out process, but we understand that it’s important not to rush the process. Pivotal can supply you with interim staff with the skills to cover the role during any transition period.


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